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ETS Policies and Procedures

Admission: To be admitted, each examinee must present a picture form of identification bearing the name given at the time of registration, the examinee's signature, and a recent, recognizable photograph. It is your responsibility to read and understand the ID requirements by referring to the PRAXIS bulletin or the www.teachingandlearning.org website.
Electronic Devices: Watches with alarms, cellular phones, and electronic pagers are not permitted in the testing room.
Test Aids: Books and any other aids for taking the test are not allowed in the testing room. Calculators are not permitted. Scratch paper and pencils are provided but cannot be removed from the testing center.
Lockers: Personal handbags, back packs and all other materials and belongings will be placed in a locker or a designated place in the testing center's waiting area.
Sign In: You must sign the Test Center Log each time you enter or leave the testing room, including the end of the testing period.
Restroom: Restroom facilities are available on the same floor as the Testing Center.
Rest Breaks: Optional pauses and breaks are provided between each test section. Unscheduled breaks are also permitted.
Snack Bar: Food and beverages are not permitted in the testing room. There are beverage machines on the first floor of the Education building, and a snack bar on the first floor of the Student Center, in the Bookstore. 

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