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Master's and Doctoral Examination

REGISTRATION: Applications and registration information for the Master's examination can be obtained in the College of Education Building Room 230 or by calling (713) 313-7267; for the Doctoral examination, in the College of Education Building Room 011or by calling (713) 313-7350.

FEES: A student must be enrolled during the semester of the scheduled examination or pay a $100.00 matriculation fee. A fee receipt from the Bursar's office must accompany your application.

SCORES: An official score report will be sent to each examinee in the mail from the College of Education. You may contact the Dean's office at (713) 313-1054 for any information regarding this examination


Master's Comprehensive Exam
(Comprises 30 minutes on Foundations and 160 minutes on Subject Area)

Doctoral Comprehensive Exam
(Comprises two days from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.: 1st Day on Major Area,
2nd day on Statistics, Research and Foundations)

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